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Frank's Bio/ Appearance Schedule

Hi. I'm a 44 year old singer/songwriter from San Diego. I'm married, have three kids and another on the way. During the day I've managed to fool people into paying me to write software. Now if I can just fool some folks into paying me to write music I'll be set. I've played guitar since I was 13. I've had the same guitar since 1983 - a Martin HD-28. It's a little dinged here and there now but it's still beautiful to look at and listen to. I record my material in my home. I use a Turtle Beach Pinnacle Project Studio soundcard to record to my hard drive. The drums are sequenced and I use a BOSS DR660 drum machine. The bass track is also sequenced through the Pinnacle's onboard Kurzweil synth. The mic I use is an AudioTechnica 4033a condenser mic. From time to time I throw in some electric guitar with my Fender Tex/Mex Strat. I perform from time to time in the San Diego area at coffee houses. I have no bookings at the moment. I also shop songs and demo tapes to publishers and record companies but so far the response has not been very encouraging. I'm currently trying to find enough time to record and release a CD by Christmas. If you think you'd be interested in purchasing a CD of my music I'd like to hear from you because it would be nice to know how much interest there is out there. In fact, I'd like to hear from you either way, because I really enjoy getting email.