Captive Heart

It was a good last fight
not a bit too long
you never seemed so mean
and I never felt so strong
but now it's time for a truce
let the white flag show
baby drop that knife
put the gun down slow

And unchain my captive heart
unchain my captive heart
unchain my captive heart and let me go
haven't I done my part

You gotta love so hard
to get this far gone
it was a fine old lie
that we grew up on
back when we first met
I hadn't been around
when I heard the cage door slam
it was a brand new sound

Gone are the hours of precious freedom
like a smoky cloud
blown by winds of feelings too ugly
to say their names out loud

Now I can see this light
from this one small star
from such a long way off
nobody knows how far
and I can breathe this air
and I can beat my wings
up against these bars
and the cold steel sings

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