Who Let 'Em In

Who let 'em in here
they're talkin too loud
they're just gonna cause trouble
can't you see the gather clouds
Aw there's gonna be cussin'
there's gonna be switchblades and gin
now ya know I love my family
but I really wanna know who let 'em in

How did the get here
did you give 'em a ride
I know they didn't walk here
they got too much pride
watch out for my sister
she's gone off her medicine
I wanna know who drove 'em out here
and I wanna know who let 'em in

I thought I told you all 
that I was born into a pack of rats
settle all their small disputes 
with kitchen knive and baseball bats
I know they've tried to straighten out
ain't ate no one since '62
but my mom's been actin' hungry
and she's got her eyes on you

Who let 'em in here
what'd you use for brain
you just drove this party
into an oncoming train
aw it's gonna get ugly
it's gonna be Christmas all over again
you better get somebody's name
cause the cops will wanna know
who let 'em in

Copyright 1998  Frank Williamson

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